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As of July 1, 2011,Third Way Media became a department of MennoMedia, a newly formed agency bringing together Mennonite Publishing Network and Third Way Media. Print and electronic media staff work together to develop curriculum and create book trailers while also producing documentaries for national TV, DVDs, radio programs and websites such as the Third Way Cafe. We’ll be happy to answer your questions, talk with you about producing a video, or send you a book, music, or video to help in your ministry.

Visit web pages for MennoMedia's Herald Press, Faith & Life Resources and Third Way Media departments.

Programs of Third Way Media include:

Third Way Cafe

Anabaptist history, thought and practice. 
In Spanish at Cafe de Tercera Alternativa

Third Way Radio

Third Way Radio is one of the programs of Third Way Media, a producer of radio programs since the early 1950s speaking on behalf of the Mennonite churches. Now including our weekly radio program - Shaping Families 

Third Way Video

From documentaries to youth and children's videos, quality, award-winning programs for everyone.

Third Way Music

Third Way Store

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