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Third Way Media videos have been seen on national and cable television and used in churches, on college campuses, in classrooms of elementary and high school students, in homes, and at large conventions.  Subjects cover a wide range of social issues.  Short video downloads are also available - good for church services, small groups, at family gatherings.  All videos are available from the MennoMedia store. See a list of all Third Way Videos.


Titles include:

  • Who Are the Mennonites? - Can you tell a Mennonite just by looking?  A short look at Mennonite history and belief.
  • Beyond the News series - explores issues such as parenting, dying, sexual abuse, TV violence, homelessness, immigration and money.  (Scroll through videos to all Beyond the News titles.)
  • Cloud of Witnesses - stories Anabaptist communities in South American, West Africa and England.   
  • Peace DVD - What would the world be like if every person tried to make it a more peaceful place? Two hours, 24 stories, designed for 6-session study series.
  • Reinventing Aging - book and video curriculum on aging.
  • Rhythms of Peace - stories and songs of peacemaking for children ages 8-11
  • Youth Bible studies - four DVDS on topics of acceptance, forgiveness, stewardship and vocation. 
  • And many more....


Third Way Media has produced nine documentaries which have aired on ABC, NBC, Hallmark Channel and cable networks.  The documentaries are created from interviews with people who have told their stories and with experts and religious leaders who address the issue.  Preview these documentaries

Topics include:

Waging Peace: Muslim and Christian Alternatives - Christians and Muslims engaging in peacemaking activities

Long Road Back - re-entering society after prison

Finding Hope in Recovery - dealing with addictions

Shadow Voices - mental illness

Fierce Goodbye - the aftermath of suicide

Embracing Aging - facing changes that come with aging

Journey Toward Forgiveness - stories of forgiveness and healing

Pax Service - a historical look at stories of service by conscientous objectors in the mid-1900s.   

Hunger No More - hunger issues in the U.S. and the world

Building on Faith - poverty housing


Pax Service
Pax Service: An Alternative to War

Between 1951 and 1976 some 1200 young men refused to join the military because of their religious beliefs.  Their volunteer work in Germany, Austria, Greece, Paraguay and the Congo through an alternative service program, PAX, is chronicled in this 43-minute program.  Bonus material and discussion guide included. English and Spanish subtitles available.  Order program.

Embracing Aging: Families Facing Change

Families, experts and "wise ones" share insights on aging, housing choices, facing illness, and cooperating as siblings in the care of aging parents.  58 minutes with bonus content and discussion guide.  English and Spanish subtitles available.  Order program.

Embracing Aging
Finding Hope in Recovery
Finding Hope in Recovery: Families Living with Addiction

Challenging and heartbreaking stories of addiction and recovery.  This documentary examines the role that chemical dependency plays in family dynamics and emphasizes that recovery is possible.  Features five familiy stories along with addiction experts.  44-minute program with bonus content and discussion guide.  English and Spanish subtitles available. Order program.

Building on Faith: Making Poverty Housing History

This documentary explores how faith groups and others are working to bring decent, affordable housing to all.  How people of faith help bring about change.  52 minutes with bonus materials and discussion guide.  Order program.

Building on Faith
Shadow Voices
Shadow Voices: Finding Hope in Mental Illness

An inside look at what it's like to live with a mental illness and how individuals and their families find their way through medical, governmental, societal and spiritual issues.  Ten stories plus experts.  58 minutes with bonus materials and discussion guide.  English and Spanish subtitles. Order program.

Hunger No More: Faces Behind the Facts

An unflinching look at the persistent problem of hunger in the 21st century - and possible solutions.  Meet the people behind the facts of hunger and encounter people of faith who have taken up the challenge of eradicating hunger in the U.S. and globally.  57:30 plus bonus material. Order program.

Hunger No More
Journey Toward Forgiveness
Journey Toward Forgiveness

Stories of anger and forgiveness in the face of death.  Stories include families survivors of violent or wrongful death; near-death from racial injustice; terminal illness, and reconciliation from crimes against ancestors. Full program plus three expanded stories.   Order program.

Fierce Goodbye: Living in the Shadow of Suicide

Five loving and courageous families share their heartbreak and pain after the loss of a loved one to suicide.  A groundbreaking look at the role of faith.  44 minutes plus bonus content.  Order program.

Fierce Goodbye

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